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Martin Ebert
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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

War of 1812 Service Records about Martin Ebert

I have been doing a bit of research on the record I found at, see the following
War of 1812 Service Records about Martin Ebert
Name:     Martin Ebert
Rank - Induction:     PRIVATE
Rank - Discharge: PRIVATE
Roll Box:     64
Roll Exct:     602
Source Information:
Direct Data Capture, comp.. War of 1812 Service Records [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 1999.
Original data: National Archives and Records Administration. Index to the Compiled Military Service Records for the Volunteer Soldiers Who Served During the War of 1812. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration. M602, 234 rolls.

I wrote the the National Archives (U.S.) today, by e-mail, inquiring how I could obtain the full record of the above War of 1812 record.  I am waiting for their reply, which may take up to a week, according to their website.

I also went to and found a list of the other men in the same company, 5 artillery and infantry reg't (Colden's) New York Militia.  I wrote down about 20 names and then looked for those names on the 1790 and 1810 US census.  There were several hundred names to choose from, I tried names that I thought were unique, or at least not too common.
Albert Bradt    found 1790 at Watervliet, Albany, New York
Cornelius Bradt  found 1790 at Schenectady, Albany, New York
William Canada found 1790 at Otsego, Montgomery, New York
Zephaniah Clark found 1790 at Berlin, Rensellaer, New York
Joseph Doolittle found 1790 at Bethlehem, Albany, New York
Eliphalet Cushman found 1810 at Halfmoon, Saratoga, New York

The areas above are close to Berne, Albany, New York, so at least there is a chance this Martin Ebert could be a son of John Ebert of Berne, Albany, New York.   Still no proof he is 'our' Martin Ebert, but will let you know what the service record says, if I can get a copy.
Carol H.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Berne, Albany, New York Website

There is a good genealogy website for Berne, Albany, New York at:

23 Sep 2011  I checked the Family Bible page of this website for Ebert entries, none found
but the Silvernail Bible entry had:
One family name which is part of my husband's mother's genealogy is West: Magdelena West (b. 1805) married to Peter William Shultes (b. 1801) Most of these families evolved in Berne, NY, but the West members appear to come from Wright in Schoharie County, NY. The Silvernails (George and Ida) were born in Wright, Schoharie County. The Eberle / Dietz / Finn side came from Schenectady, Schoharie (?) and Fonda, respectively.
(I realize Eberle and Ebert are probably completely separate names, but am recording it here anyways.  CJH)

Also, there are church records on this website.  Some have been extracted and put on the IGI at  I checked, and there were no entries for Ebert!  see the following:
How to access Berne Church records on the Internet with International Genealogical Index.
1. First,
2.   click on advanced search (I updated this info, as the website has changed slightly)
3. Enter the last name of the family you are researching
4. Look up the batch number below and enter it in the "Batch Number" field.

M506231 Beaver Dam Dutch Reformed Church, Berne marriages, 1787-1877  (no Ebert)
C506231 Beaver Dam Dutch Reformed Church, Berne births or christenings, 1763-1861 (no Ebert)
M506241 Saint Paul's Lutheran Evangelical, Berne marriages, 1794-1875 (no Ebert)
C506241 Saint Paul's Lutheran Evangelical, Berne births or christenings, 1790-1874 (no Ebert)
M506291 Presbyterian, New Scotland marriages, 1807-1867 (no Ebert)
C506291 Presbyterian, New Scotland births or christenings, 1784-1873 (no Ebert)
C506192 First Dutch Reformed Church, Albany records, 1683-1779 (no Ebert)
M506191 First Dutch Reformed Church, Albany (no Ebert)
M530171 Third Presbyterian Church, Albany session records, 1817-1876, 1891-1910 (no Ebert)
C530171 Third Presbyterian Church, Albany session records, 1817-1876, 1891-1910 (no Ebert)
C506211 First Lutheran, Albany, Albany, New York (no Ebert)
M510351 First Dutch Reformed Church, Schenectady marriages, 1694-1768 (no Ebert)
C511231 Reformed Dutch Church, Middleburg (no Ebert)
M511231 Reformed Dutch Church, Middleburg (no Ebert)
M511411 Saint Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Schoharie (no Ebert)
C511411 Saint Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Schoharie births or christenings, 1728-1830 (no Ebert)
C511341 High And Low Dutch Reformed Congregation, Schoharie (no Ebert)
M511341 High And Low Dutch Reformed Congregation, Schoharie (no Ebert)

As the IGI only extracted births/christenings and marriages, but no deaths/burials these records may still be useful to look at.  Another thing to put on the 'to do' list.  The Ebert's may also be witnesses, or godparents, so I plan on finding these records and looking at them.

Carol H.

More on the Ebert family of Albany County, New York

I have been looking for information on the John Ebert family of Berne, Albany, New York.  I have not been able to find very much info on the internet, but I did find the family on the 1820 US census in Berne. had it transcribed as John Eberl (I put in a correction on 23 Sep 2011 to change to John Ebert)

1820 United States Federal Census about John Eberl
Name:     John Eberl  / John Ebert
(this is really Ebert, I checked the rest of Berne census, and the census taker doesn't cross his t's when they are at  the end of a name  ie  Robert, Bradt, Everet Bartley, etc.)
Township: Berne      County: Albany             State: New York
Enumeration Date:     August 7, 1820
Free White Males - 45 and over:     1  (John Ebert--I have estimated his birth as about 1755)
Free White Females - 45 and over:     1  (Mrs. John Ebert? or it could be a daughter or housekeeper)
Free White Persons - Over 25:     2
Total Free White Persons:     2
Total All Persons - White, Slaves, Colored, Other:     2

I did come across a Catherine Ebert/Ebberts who married Daniel Butterfield in 1797 in Berne, Albany, New York.  I think she is probably a daughter of the above John Ebert, but none of the internet family trees have parents for this Catherine Ebert.  She was born in 1777 in New York according to these family trees.  Interesting to note that one of her children, John Warren Butterfield (1801-1869) moved to Utica, Oneida, New York with his wife and children.  Elizabeth Catherine Ebert, daughter of our Martin Ebert was supposedly born in Utica.   Could be a coincidence?

Another coincidence?  Nancy Ebert Hicock, daughter of our Martin Ebert says she was born in Albany County, New York  (1865 New York State census).  In some of the info I have found on the internet,  Cherry Valley, New York is mentioned as a possible birth/marriage place for  some of this Hicock family.  Cherry Valley is about half way between Berne, Albany County and Utica, Oneida County in New York state.  Berne and Utica are about 80 miles apart according to the map I looked at.  They are in what is commonly called "The Mohawk Valley".
I think this John Ebert of Berne, Albany, New York is worth more investigation.  Does anyone else have more info on him?

Carol H.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Nancy Ebert married Samuel Hicock

For many years all I had for Nancy Ebert was that she supposedly married a 'Haycock'.  A few years ago I found (on the internet) several postings about a Nancy Ebert who married a Samuel Hicock.  Could this be the same person?  After researching further I could find no proof that she wasn't the same person, but no proof that she was 'our' Nancy Ebert.  Then Laurie W., a cousin of mine, found Samuel G. Hicock, the son of Samuel Hicock and Nancy Ebert, in the 1870 US census in Iosco, Michigan with his aunt, Roxy Ann (Ebert) Kelly and 2 of her children, and 2 other Kelly cousins!  This is the only 'proof' I have so far.  If anyone else has more info, please let me know.  Or if you disagree, or have doubts, that is okay, too.
1870 US census( or at
Name:      Roxy Kelly
Birth Year:     abt 1830 Age in 1870:     40
Birthplace:     Canada
Home in 1870:     Tawas, Iosco, Michigan
Race:     White
Gender:     Female
Post Office:     Tawas City
Household Members:   
Name     Age
Roxy Kelly     40
Sarah Kelly     20
Elizabeth Kelly     18
Samuel Hickox     20 (nephew, son of Nancy Ebert and Samuel Hicock)
Able Finkle     20  born Canada
William Kelly     23 (nephew, son of Benjamin Kelly and Melinda Ebert)
Laura Kelly     20 (wife of William)
Benjamin Kelly     27(nephew, son of Benjamin Kelly and Melinda Ebert)
William Green     32
Euphemia Green 32
John Green     6
Wilmot Green     5
William Green     5
Lucy Green     3
Charles Green     10/12
(I don't know how the Green family is related, if at all, they may have just been sharing the household)
any notes in paranthesis () are my own notes, they are not found in the original record

following are some of the notes I have on Samuel Hicock, Jr. and Nancy Ebert

It is  possible that Samuel (Sr.) and Eleanor Hicok moved to Canada, had at least Sylvester born 1810 or 1818
(depending on what census info is correct) in Canada.  It is probable that Samuel (Jr.) married Nancy Ebert about
1831 in Canada, and that they had several children born in Canada, before both Samuel Sr. and Samuel Jr. moved their families back to the States, settling in Steuben County, New York.  Both children Eleanor and Martha have sources that indicate they were born in Canada.
The census data on birthplaces differs on each census.  It is not conclusive, and the 1880 census gives the birthplace
of both parents of Nancy (Ebert) Hicok as Canada, when they were both supposedly born in the US.
Nancy (Ebert) Hicok died in 1881.  Need to check death certificate for more info.(there are no government death records for that time period in Steuben County, New York (I emailed the county clerk's office)

1850 census  New York, Steuben, Bath
Samuel Hickock     49      New York
Nancy        "             36   New York
Eleanor      "             18           "
Martha        "             15          "
Harriet        "              14           "
Henry          "              11         "
Margaret   "                 7         "
Nancy A.     "               5        "
Samuel G.   "               2       "
Alfretta I.      "                5/12      "       female

1860 census New York, Steuben, Bath
S. Heacock         83        Mass     (Samuel Sr.)
Eleanor                82     NJ
Sylvester              42     NY (never married as far as I can tell)
(these two families were enumerated on the same page)
S. Heacock, jr.   59       NY  (Samuel Jr.)
Nancy                  47       NY
James H.            20      NY
Margaret             17      NY
Nancy Ann          16      NY
Samuel G.            12     NY (this is the Samuel Hickox found on the 1870 census in Iosco, Michigan)
Alveretta                9         NY

1865 New York State census  Steuben County, Bath, ED 2 image 11 of 43
(this census gives place of birth, if in New York, gives the county)  note Nancy born Albany County, New York
Samuel Hicock  87  m       Conn                  widowed Farmer
Samuel Hicock  63 m    Montgomery  married farmer
Nancy Hicock  53 f son's wife Albany  8 children married
Sylvester Hicock 45 m son  Otsego  single farmer
Matilda Hicock 22 f granddau Otsego single
Nancy A. Hicock 19 f granddau Otsego single
Alphraetta Hicock 15 f granddau Steuben
Samuel G. Hicock 17 m grandson Otsego farmer
Wickom Moon 10 m greatgrandson Steuben
Charles Moon 6 m greatgrandson Missouri
Eleanor Moon 4 f greatgranddaughter Missouri
James(crossed out) Henry Hicock 25 m grandson Otsego single farmer

1870 census New York, Steuben, Cameron
Mason, C W      37   Farmer   NY
   "         Ellen      39                    Canada
   "         Hattie      7                      NY
    "        Eben        3                    NY
Bodge, John       13                    NY
Hicok, Anna         25 housekeeper NY
   "    , Nancy         62                    Canada widow (nee Ebert)
   "   , Sylvester     60                     Canada  single(brother to Samuel Hicock)
Baly, Joseph 37   laborer           NY
Smith, Lucy           27   cheesemaker NY
    New York State Census, 1875
I checked Cameron, Caton,  and Bath E.D. 01-04 and didn't find Nancy Hicock.  However, some of the film was very hard to read, overexposed at filming.  She could be there, but I couldn't find her 

1880 US census   
 Samuel HICOCK   Self       M   Male      W       32       NY       Farmer       NY       CAN
 Antha HICOCK       Wife       M   Female  W       42       NY       Keeping House       NY       NY
 Rose E. HICOCK   Dau       S   Female   W       5       NY                              NY       NY
 Nancy HICOCK       Dau       S   Female   W       3       NY                              NY       NY
 Nancy HICOCK       Mother       W   Female  W       70       CAN       At Home       CAN       CAN
Source Information:
      Census Place     Cameron, Steuben, New York
     Family History Library Film      1254932
     NA Film Number      T9-0932
     Page Number      464B
Unionville Cemetery
AKA Cross Corners Cemetery
Town of Bath
HICOK, James H.     , Died  6/11/1865 , Age  25y Co H NYS Vols. Lt Art.
HICOK, Nancy E. , Spouse of  Samuel Jr.   , Died  7/27/1881 , Age  67y
HICOK, Nelly , Spouse of  Samuel   , Died  4/6/1865 , Age  87y
HICOK, Samuel , Spouse of  Nelly   , Died  11/3/1867 , Age  91y
Hattie Smith d. 26 Nov 1870 - Age 33y8m9d    * Wife of R. E. Smith Daughter of Samuel & Hattie HICOK
# Willie H. Smith d. 23 Jun 1870 - Age 3m16d    * Son of R. E. Smith and Hattie HICOK

Hope this answers some questions about Nancy and her family.
Carol H.

Ebert Marriages in New York before 1784

from the book  "Names of Persons for whom Marriage Licenses were issued by the Secretary of the Province of New York, Previous to 1784" I found some Ebert marriages that we may want to look into. 
1.   10 July 1779  Ebart, John and Mary Elizabeth Pelletreau 
2.  15 April 1736  Ebbets, Ellenor and John Nevill
3.  12 September 1753 Ebbets, Richard and Jane Waldron
4.  4 October 1758  Ebbitt, John and Margaret Smith
5.  16 May 1781 Ebert, Catherine and William Powers
6. 14 December 1770 Ebert, Margaret and Charles Meal
7.  15 September 1762 Ebet, John J. and Mary Loman

#1, on the face of it this marriage looks very promising(correct time frame of 1779), however, after doing some preliminary searching on the internet, the John Ebart/Ebert who married Mary Elizabeth Pelletreau is probably not the same John Ebert who lived near Albany, New York.  Descendants of John Ebert and Mary Elizabeth Pelletreau went back to Germany (at least one of the daughters did, according to a SAR (Sons of the American Revolution) record for Theodore Pelletreau Ebert Stein at
  I suppose they could have married in New York, had children born in New York, and then gone back to Germany, leaving some children behind.  I find that highly unlikely.  However, eliminating 'suspects' is just as important as proving descent, so if anyone else has thoughts, or more info, please let me know.
Following is some of the info I found on this couple:
Indiana. Residence, Indianapolis, Indiana. State No. 21 ; National
No. 1621. Son of Ernest Christian Frederick Stein and Catherine
Elizabeth Stein (nee Kurzrock) ; grandson of Ernest Christian Clem-
ens (von und zum) Stein and Maria Amalia Stein (nee Ebert) ; great-
grandson of Mary Elizabeth (Betsy) Pelletreau Ebert and John Ebert;
great-great-grandson of John Elias Pelletreau, who was a private sol-
dier in Captain Zephaniah Rogers' Company of the Suffolk County, N.
Y., Minute Men, commanded by Colonel Josiah Smith ; this company
took part in the battle of Flatbush or Long Island (now in the heart
of the city of Brooklyn) and also in the battle of Monmouth. A paper
containing the signature of John Elias Pelletreau pledging his support
to the patriot cause in May, 1775, is on file in the New York State
Library; see pages 166 and 167 of a manuscript volume, entitled "Vol-
ume 30 Associations" ; see also history of Southampton, Long Island,
by W. S. Pelletreau ; also page 20 of Volume 28 of Marriage Bonds
in the State Library at Albany, N. Y. It is of interest to note that
Mr. Stein's great-grandfather, John Ebert, was Assistant Commissary-
General of the Hessian Army on the staff of General Baron von Knyp-
(page) 112
hausen, participating in the Battle of Long Island with John Elias
Pelletreau, but on the opposite side. See "Our Allies," a Hessian work
relative to the Hessian Auxiliary troops, by von Eelking.
Commissaries of Stores.
John Ebert, 1778-82.
- Lorenz, 1782.

Hessian Soldier
1974 , The Gallimaufry Press
Johann Georg Ebert, Hessian Officer who served as a mercenary with the British during the American Revolution.
Johann is said to have been an officer, but this could be questioned because of his age.  Nevertheless, it should be pointed out that both military rank and marriage seemed to have been achieved earlier in the 18th century.  The Marquis de Lafayette, another participant in this war, held the rank of general at the age of 21.  Despite the Hessian soldier's allegiance to George III, the Hessians were reluctant defenders of the Crown.  This passage from The German Americans:  An Informal History by Richard O'Connor throws light on the role of the Hessian soldier in the Revolution:
"One of the few popular successes in fictional or dramatic form dealing with the Amercian Revolution was produced thirty-odd years ago by the Theatre Guild.  It was Lawrence Langner's play The Pursuit of Happiness and it dealt with a Hessian soldier who deserted his regiment, took refuge with an American family and learned the colonial custon of "bundling" with the daughter of the household and other delights of a free country.
"And that was exactly what many Hessians, as all the German soldiers involuntarily serving under the British colors were called, did the moment they found an opportunity.  Hessian almost became a synonym for deserter.  The muster rolls of the Hessian regiments showed that 29,875 were sold into British service in the Colonies and only 17,313 eventually returned to their various German states.  Of the remaining 12,562 many lost their lives fighting under the Union Jack, but thousands, probably much more than half, simply took to their heels and settled down as peaceful citizens of the Colonies they had been sent to subdue."

I have not investigated any of the other marriages as of 20 September 2011. 

 Carol H.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Where was our Martin Ebert born?

If not in Pennsylvania, where could our Martin Ebert have come from in the United States?  I have tried to trace most of the names from the 1808 Militia List in Hull, Quebec.  Most of them come from Massachusetts, Connecticut, or the state of New York.  These 3 states are where I think we should start looking for Ebert families.

I looked at the 1790 U.S. census and found several possibilities

1790 US census  possible families, not Pennsylvania
Frederick Abbert  Boylston, Worcester, Massachusetts 3     2     6     11

Adam Ebert     Frederick, Maryland     1     2     1           4

John Ebert      Rensselaerville, Albany, New York     2     2     5      9

John Ebert     Washington, Maryland     1     1     4           6

John Ebert      Stokes, North Carolina     1     1     5           7

Martin Ebert     Baltimore Town, Baltimore, Maryland     2     3     2     7

George Eberts      Frederick, Maryland     1     1     1           3

John Egbert[John Ebert]      New York City Out Ward, New York, New York 1     1     2         4

Submit Everts[Tuernet Ebert]      Litchfield, Litchfield, Connecticut         1     1

Cato Frost[Ross Ebert]      Falmouth, Cumberland, Maine       4           4

The numbers following the place of the census refer to the number of people in the household in various age categories
Number of Free White Males Under 16
Number of Free White Males 16 and Over
Number of Free White Females
Number of Household Members

I think the John Ebert from Rensselaerville, Albany, New York is a good candidate to investigate, I also believe the family below in the 1800 US census is probably the same family.  I have not been able to find anything more about this family from Albany County, New York.  I could not find them on the 1810 census.

1800 United States Federal Census about John Ebert
Name:     John Ebert
Township:     Berne
County:     Albany
State:     New York
Free White Males 16 to 25:     1
Free White Males 26 to 44:     1
Free White Females Under 10 :     1
Free White Females 10 to 15 :     1
Free White Females 16 to 25 :     1
Free White Females 26 to 44 :     1
Number of Household Members Under 16 :     2
Number of Household Members Over 25 :     2
Number of Household Members:     6

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Who are Martin Ebert's parents?

Unfortunately, I do not believe our Martin Ebert is descended from the Ebert family from York County, Pennsylvania.  I know there are lots of people who have linked our Martin Ebert to either Johann Martin Ebert born 10 March 1780 (parents Johann Martin Ebert and Anna Maria Smyser) or to his cousin Johann Martin Ebert born  1783 (parents Johann Michael Ebert and Elizabeth Rudisill).

 I believe I have traced both of these Martin Ebert families.

 York County, Pennsylvania records seem to show that Martin Ebert, son of Martin Ebert and Anna Maria Smyser, stayed in Pennsylvania, married Mary Eichelberger in about 1807 in York County, Pennsylvania and remained in Pennsylvania until his death.  According to several internet family websites, he died in December of 1854 at York, Pennsylvania.  This Martin Ebert does not appear to have had any children, at least none that survived to adulthood.   I am very confident this is correct.

 I believe the following 1850 census is this Martin Ebert (born 1780)
United States Census, 1850 for Martin Ebert (from
Name:     Martin Ebert
Residence:     York borough, South ward, York, Pennsylvania
Age:     70 years
Calculated Birth Year:     1780
Birthplace:     Pennsylvania
Gender:     Male
Film Number:     444807
Digital GS Number:     4205402
Image Number:     00723
Line Number:     38
Dwelling House Number:     570
Family Number:     615
     Household    Gender    Age
      Martin Ebert     M     70y
    Mary Ebert     F     60y
    Anna Beck     F     19y

I believe Martin Ebert, son of  Johann Michael Ebert and Elizabeth Rudisill probably went with some of his siblings to Adams County, Pennsylvania and then to Frederick County, Virginia.  He is probably the Martin Ebert who married Mary (Maria) Myers/Meyers.  This Martin Ebert's father died when he was just a small child.  Some trees seem to have him linked to either Johann Michael Ebert(born 1769) or Johann Jacob Ebert(born 1771).  These are in fact his older brothers. Several of the children of Johann Michael Ebert and Elizabeth Rudisill lived in Adams County, Pennsylvania.  Further research in Adams County church records may give more information and confirmation that this is indeed the same person.

The following is the 1860 census for this Martin Ebert (I believe)

1860 United States Federal Census about Martin Ebert(from
Name:     Martin Ebert
Age in 1860:     76     Birth Year:     abt 1784
Birthplace:     Pennsylvania
Home in 1860:     District 4, Frederick,Virginia
Gender:     Male
Post Office:     Winchester
Name     Age
William H Ebert     38 born  Penn
Anna Ebert     34  born Virginia
John E Ebert     7           "
Martin Ebert     6          "
Charles Ebert     1          "
Martin Ebert     76  born Penn
Mary Ebert     77 born Penn(?Mary Myers?)
Rebecca Ebert     50 born Penn

For many years I believed our Martin Ebert was from this York, Pennsylvania Ebert family.  I believe I may have shared this information (for which I had absolutely NO PROOF)  many years ago.  If anyone out there is using the info found on in the IGI, that was probably info that I submitted.  If anyone out there has proof for the parents of our Martin Ebert, please let us know.  As far as I have been able to find, all any of the records state is that Martin Ebert was born in the United States.

I wish someone could prove me wrong.  The Ebert family from York County, Pennsylvania is quite well documented, and there are original church records to verify most of the info.
Carol H.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Martin Ebert and Roxy Waller 3 Generations of Descendants

Descendants of Martin Ebert and Roxy Waller (as of 12 September 2011)
This is a work in progress.  Please comment if you have corrections or questions.

1. Martin Ebert (b.Abt 1783-United States;d.1873-Bangor,Hastings,Ontario,Canada)
    sp: Roxy Waller (b.1789/1790-of Washington County,New York,United States;m.Abt 1808;d.Aft 1861-of Quebec,Canada)

    2. John Ebert (b.10 Mar 1809-Hull,Gatineau,Quebec,Canada;d.24 Aug 1873-Campbell's Bay,Pontiac,Quebec,Canada)
        sp: Jane Armstrong (b.4 Aug 1816-Clones,Monaghan Ireland;m.24 Jan 1832;d.6 Oct 1878-Campbell's Bay,Pontiac,Quebec,C)
        3. Roxey Ann Ebert (b.19 Apr 1833-Clarendon,Pontiac,Quebec,Canada;d.1 Mar 1893-Portage-du-Fort,Pontiac,Quebec,C)
           sp: Solomon Hayes (b.Est 1830-Ontario,Canada;m.Abt 1854;d.Est 1860-Litchfield,Pontiac,Quebec,Canada)
           sp: Nathaniel Nesbitt (b.Jun 1818-Huntley,Carleton,Ontario,Canada;m.1 Jan 1862;d.8 Feb 1916-Worthington,S,O,C)
        3. Elizabeth Amelia Ebert (b.2 Jan 1834-Clarendon,Pontiac,Quebec,Canada;d.14 Sep 1906-of Goulbourn,Carleton,O,C)
           sp: James Andrew Starr (b.Abt 1827-Ontario,Canada;m.21 Feb 1855;b.1870-Huntley,Carleton,Ontario,Canada)
           sp: William Sample (b.Abt 1822-Ireland;m.Abt 1874;d.8 Jan 1899-of Goulbourn,Carleton,Ontario,Canada)
        3. Martin Ebert (b.17 Nov 1835-Clarendon,Pontiac,Quebec,Canada;d.8 Oct 1913-Campbell's Bay,Pontiac,Quebec,Canada)
           sp: Elizabeth Judd (b.19 Mar 1841-Quebec,Canada;m.30 Apr 1868;d.8 Oct 1915-Quebec,Canada)
        3. Mary Jane Ebert (b.4 Dec 1836-of Quebec,Canada;d.4 Dec 1886-Shawville,Clarendon,Pontiac,Quebec, Canada)
           sp: George Smith (b.15 Mar 1825-Quebec,Canada;m.1 Dec 1857;d.1911-Clarendon,Pontiac,Quebec,Canada)
        3. John Ebert (b.Abt 1839-Quebec,Canada;d.6 Feb 1927-Chudleigh,Nipissing,Ontario,Canada)
           sp: Albina Ann Frost (b.Abt 1845;m.18 Jul 1870;d.13 May 1877-Pontiac,Quebec,Canada)
           sp: Mary Carson (b.21 Sep 1858-Colounge,Quebec,Canada;m.8 Jan 1879;d.19 Nov 1917-Cache Bay,Nipissing,O,C)
        3. Susan Abigail Ebert (b.Mar 1843-Quebec,Canada;d.1915)
           sp: John Baird (b.Abt 1835-Ontario,Canada;m.7 Feb 1861;d.Bef 1911-Pontiac,Quebec,Canada)
        3. George Ebert (b.28 Mar 1844-Clarendon,Pontiac,Quebec,Canada)
           sp: Jane Elizabeth Buchanan (b.Abt 1842-Scotland;m.2 Jul 1866)
        3. James Armstrong Ebert (b.31 Oct 1845-Clarendon,Pontiac,Quebec,Canada;d.23 Jan 1920-Campbell's Bay,Pontiac,Q,C)
           sp: Mary Content Judd (b.Abt 1843-of Pontiac,Quebec,Canada;m.30 Apr 1868;d.18 Feb 1890-Campbell's Bay,P,Q,C)
        3. Martha Ebert (b.20 Jul 1848-Clarendon,Pontiac,Quebec,Canada;d.26 Sep 1906)
           sp: David Peever (b.13 Dec 1839-Litchfield,Pontiac,Quebec,C;m.7 Mar 1868;d.20 Jul 1948-Litchfield,Pontiac,Q,C)
        3. Andrew Phillip Ebert (b.25 Apr 1849-Litchfield,Pontiac,Quebec,Canada;d.17 Dec 1922-Orillia,Simcoe,Ontario,Canada)
          sp: Susan A McKechnie (b.Abt 1856;d.15 Jul 1876)
          sp: Lorenza Warren (b.Abt 1849-Allumette  Island,Pontiac,Quebec,C;m.4 Nov 1885;d.Aft 1891-Litchfield,Pontiac,Q,C)
       3. Esther Caroline Catherine Ebert (b.23 Sep 1851-Litchfield,Pontiac,Quebec,Canada;d.Bef 1871-Pontiac,Quebec,Canada)
          sp: William Riley Judd (b.Abt 1839-Ste Rose de Lima,Terrebonne,Q,C;m.7 Apr 1868;d.Dec 1917-Manitoba,Canada)
       3. Abigail Louisa Ebert (b.4 Mar 1855-Litchfield,Pontiac,Quebec,Canada;d.1 Mar 1901-Greer-Mount,Pontiac,Quebec,C)
          sp: Benjamin Este Judd (b.30 Sep 1840-St. Rose de Lima,B,Q,C;m.5 Jul 1870;d.21 Oct 1915-Greer-Mount,P,Q,C)

  2. Nancy Ebert (b.Abt 1811-of Hull,Gatineau,Quebec,Canada;d.27 Jul 1881-Bath,Steuben,New York,United States)
      sp: Samuel Hicock (b.Abt 1801-Montgomery,New York,United States;m.Est 1832;d.Aft 1865-Bath,Steuben,New York,US)
       3. Eleanor Hicock (b.12 Jan 1833-Bear River,Canada;d.19 Aug 1870-Cameron,Steuben,New York,United States)
          sp: Charles Wesley Mason (b.23 Mar 1831-North Cameron,S,N,U;m.17 Apr 1853;d.16 Feb 1909-Newport,RI,US)
       3. Martha Hicock (b.10 Nov 1834-Canada;d.8 Oct 1873-Perry Springs,Pike,Illinois,United States)
          sp: Perry Hinckley Moon (b.12 Jun 1829-Scott,Corland,New York,US;m.Abt 1854;d.13 Oct 1909-Winfield,Cowley,K,US)
       3. Harriet Hicock (b.Abt 1836-New York,United States;d.26 Nov 1870-Bath,Steuben,New York,United States)
          sp: Richard E. Smith (b.5 Apr 1835-New York,United States;m.Est 1859;d.1 Nov 1910-Baytown,Washington,M,US)
       3. James Henry Hicock (b.Abt 1840-Otsego,New York,United States;d.11 Jun 1865)
       3. Margaret Hicock (b.Abt 1843-New York,United States;d.Aft 1860)
       3. Nancy Ann Hicock (b.8 Dec 1845-Cherry Valley,New York,United States;d.18 Feb 1932-Newport,Rhode Island,US)
          sp: Charles Wesley Mason (b.23 Mar 1831-North Cameron,S,N,U;m.3 Nov 1870;d.16 Feb 1909-Newport,RI,US)
       3. Samuel G. Hicock (b.Abt 1846-Cameron,Steuben,New York,United States;d.Aft 1892-Urbana,Steuben,New York,US)
          sp: Antha Jane Agor (b.Abt 1838-New York,United States;m.Abt 1874;d.Aft 1910-Wyoming,United States)
       3. Alfretta J. Hicock (b.31 Dec 1849-Bath,Steuben,New York,United States;d.21 Feb 1874-Kalamazoo,Michigan,US)
          sp: Sylvester Shemway Mason (b.3 Jan 1847-Fremont,New York,U;m.31 Aug 1868;d.3 May 1932-Lewis,Edwards,K,U)

  2. Elizabeth Catherine Ebert (b.Abt 1815-of Utica,Oneida,New York,United States;d.1873-Aylmer,Gatineau,Quebec,Canada)
      sp: Matthew Murphy (b.Abt 1814-Portarlington,Kings,Ireland;m.27 Jun 1842;d.18 Jan 1887-Nepean,Carleton,Ontario,Canada)
       3. William Henry Murphy (b.12 Nov 1843-Bytown,Carleton,Ontario,Canada;d.3 Dec 1920-Woodroffe,Carleton,Ontario,C)
          sp: Mary Jane Ramsay (b.10 Jun 1843-Ireland;m.31 Oct 1867;d.5 Feb 1922-Ottawa,Carleton,Ontario,Canada)
       3. Eliza Harriet Murphy (b.18 Nov 1845-Fitzroy Harbour,Carleton,Ontario,Canada;d.Abt 1870-Nepean,Carleton,Ontario,C)
          sp: Reuben McEwen (b.Abt 1843-Ottawa,Carleton,Ontario,C;m.19 Feb 1866;d.12 Mar 1924-Lanark,Ontario,Canada)
       3. James Cornelius Murphy (b.3 Aug 1847-Aylmer,Gatineau,Quebec,Canada;d.15 May 1927-Woodroffe,Carleton,Ontario,C)
          sp: Frances Ann McConnell (b.1852-Aylmer,Gatineau,Quebec,C;m.6 Oct 1871;d.30 May 1939-Nepean,Carleton,O,C)
       3. Esther Louisa Murphy (b.2 Jan 1850-Canada;d.30 May 1907-Saginaw,Saginaw,Michigan,United States)
          sp: Charles Warren Hall (b.1 Oct 1849-Massachusetts,United States;m.Abt 1875;d.15 Jan 1919-Saginaw,S,M,US)
       3. Caroline Amelia Murphy (b.15 Jan 1852-Canada)
       3. Edward Armstrong Murphy (b.21 Dec 1854-Ottawa,Carleton,Ontario,Canada;d.16 Jun 1915-Los Angeles,California,US)
          sp: Margaret Jane Starr (b.13 May 1856-Huntley,Carleton,O,C;m.9 Oct 1883;d.26 Jan 1935-Los Angeles,California,US)   
       3. John Albert Murphy (b.12 Jan 1860-Ontario,Canada;d.1939-Aylmer,Gatineau,Quebec,Canada)
          sp: Margaret Milne (b.1854-Scotland;m.5 Nov 1883;d.1935-Aylmer,Gatineau,Quebec,Canada)

      3.See Comment at the end of this post  Matthew Reed Murphy is NOT a member of this family, he belongs to another Matthew    Murphy family  Thanks for the correction.  I am leaving this info here so that others do not make the same mistake I made.
           Matthew Reed Murphy (b.Abt 1857-Ontario,Canada)
          sp: Mary Emeline McClelland (b.1857-Gatineau,Quebec,Canada;m.9 Jul 1877;d.6 Jun 1905-Keewatin,Rainy River,O,C)

  2. Esther Ebert (b.Abt 1820-of Hull,Gatineau,Quebec,Canada;d.9 Aug 1849-Aylmer,Gatineau,Quebec,Canada)
     sp: John Murphy (b.1809-Ireland;m.25 Dec 1837;d.Est 1881-Aylmer,Gatineau,Quebec,Canada)
       3. Harriet J. Murphy (b.18 Jun 1838-Aylmer,Gatineau,Quebec,Canada;d.17 May 1913-Ottawa,Carleton,Ontario,Canada)
          sp: William Henry Dickson (b.15 Aug 1832-Quebec,Canada;m.Abt 1859)
       3. Gilbert Murphy (b.1839-Canada)
       3. William Henry Murphy (b.14 Apr 1840-Aylmer,Gatineau,Quebec,Canada;d.31 Dec 1911-Ottawa,Carleton,Ontario,Canada)
          sp: Mary Ann Johnston (b.14 Feb 1844-Quebec,Canada;m.Abt 1867;d.8 Nov 1918-Quebec,Canada)

2. Melinda Ebert (b.1824-of Hull,Gatineau,Quebec,Canada;d.Bef 1863-Ontario,Canada)
   sp: Benjamin Kelly (b.1818-Ile-de-Montreal,Quebec,Canada;m.12 Mar 1844;d.13 Nov 1893-Faraday,Hastings,Ontario,Canada)
       3. Benjamin Ebert Kelly (b.31 Dec 1844-Clarendon,Pontiac,Quebec,Canada;d.1915-Michigan,United States)
          sp: Sarah Melissa Miller (b.Dec 1862-Indiana,United States;m.Abt 1876;d.1957-Iosco,Michigan,United States)
       3. William Alexander Kelly (b.6 Apr 1847-Clarendon,Pontiac,Quebec,Canada;d.Bef 1930-Oxford,Nebraska,United States)
          sp: Laura J. Rollin (b.9 Aug 1849-Portageville,Wyoming,New York,United States;m.6 Jul 1870;d.Bef Dec 1913)
          sp: Mary F. Adams (b.1849-Illinois,United States;m.16 Dec 1913)
       3. Elizabeth Roxy Kelly (b.9 May 1850-Clarendon,Pontiac,Quebec,Canada;d.22 Aug 1920-Radcliffe,Renfrew,Ontario,C)
          sp: Joseph Edward Mayhew (b.12 Oct 1857-Admaston,Renfrew,O,C;m.Abt 1871;d.25 Oct 1929-Toronto,York,O,C)
       3. John Henry Kelly (b.13 Apr 1852-Clarendon,Pontiac,Quebec,Canada)

  2. Abigal Louise Ebert (b.1827-of Hull,Gatineau,Quebec,Canada;d.Bef 1901-Ontario,Canada)
     sp: Thomas Kelly (b.5 Jul 1826-Ile-de-Montreal,Quebec,Canada;m.15 Feb 1844;d.24 Dec 1902-Carlow,Hastings,Ontario,C)
       3. Cornelius Kelly (b.10 Nov 1844-Horton,Renfrew,Ontario,Canada;d.27 Feb 1912-Alpena,Michigan,United States)
          sp: Mary Jane Flint (b.Abt 1847-Ontario,Canada;m.12 Mar 1867;d.Est 1882-of Carlow,Hastings,Ontario,Canada)
          sp: Elizabeth Lake (b.Apr 1863-Canada;m.22 Feb 1883)
       3. Benjamin Kelly (b.16 Jan 1847-Clarendon,Pontiac,Quebec,Canada;d.1868-Canada)
       3. Caroline Kelly (b.14 Sep 1848-Eganville township,Renfrew,Ontario,Canada;d.7 Aug 1927-York,Ontario,Canada)
          sp: George Thomas (b.3 Feb 1833-Clarendon,Pontiac,Quebec,C;m.13 Sep 1864;d.May 1921-Clarendon,Pontiac,Q,C)
       3. Eliza Jane Kelly (b.31 Jan 1850-Bromley,Renfrew,Ontario,Canada;d.19 Jun 1927-Arnprior,Renfrew,Ontario,Canada)
          sp: William Glenn (b.3 Aug 1839-Torbolton,Carleton,Ontario,C;m.12 Mar 1867;d.29 May 1926-Arnprior,Renfrew,O,C)
       3. Harriet Kelly (b.28 Aug 1851-Bromley,Renfrew,Ontario,Canada;d.Bef 1897-Of Michigan,United States)
          sp: Harvey John Lake (b.7 Aug 1845-Thurlow,Hastings,Ontario,C;m.9 Sep 1868;d.23 Mar 1916-Hillman,M,Michigan,U)
       3. John Kelly (b.9 Apr 1853-Douglas,Renfrew,Ontario,Canada;d.17 May 1917)
          sp: Sarah Jane McDonald (b.24 May 1857-Cumberland,R,O,C;m.16 Jun 1873;d.15 Sep 1935-Toronto,York,Ontario,C)
       3. Melinda Kelly (b.2 Jan 1854-Douglas,Renfrew,Ontario,Canada;d.1 Oct 1941-Clarendon,Pontiac,Quebec,Canada)
          sp: William Robert Sturgeon (b.25 Mar 1848-Clarendon,P,Q,C;m.18 Mar 1873;d.7 Oct 1925-Clarendon,Pontiac,Q,C)
       3. Annie Isabella Kelly (b.Abt 1857-Wilberforce,Haliburton,Ontario,Canada;d.24 Aug 1927)
          sp: James Twa (b.Abt 1850-Clarendon,Pontiac,Quebec,Canada;m.16 Aug 1874;d.27 May 1938-Onslow,Pontiac,Q,C)
       3. Sarah Kelly (b.Abt 1860-Wilberforce,Haliburton,Ontario,Canada;d.1938)
          sp: James McGregor Wilson (b.1852-Ontario,Canada;m.1 Oct 1879;d.1936)
       3. Thomas William Kelly (b.23 Nov 1861-Wilberforce,Renfrew,Ontario,Canada)
       3. George Alexander Kelly (b.4 Apr 1864-Wilberforce,Renfrew,Ontario,Canada;d.10 Oct 1929-Sault Ste. Marie,Algoma,O,C)
          sp: Maude Currier (b.Abt 1873-Canada;m.27 Oct 1892;d.Aft 1929)
       3. William Alfred Kelly (b.21 May 1866-Radcliffe,Renfrew,Ontario,Canada;d.25 Dec 1946-Combermere,Renfrew,Ontario,C)
          sp: Annie Robillard (b.Jan 1869;m.5 Oct 1887;d.11 Mar 1937-Combermere,Renfrew,Ontario,Canada)

  2. Roxann (Roxy Ann) Ebert (b.9 Jun 1829-Pontiac,Quebec,Canada;d.16 Jul 1914-Flint,Genesee,Michigan,United States)
     sp: James Kelly (b.1811-Armagh,Ireland;m.6 Feb 1844;d.Abt 1 Jul 1893-Clarendon,Pontiac,Quebec,Canada)
       3. Emily Kelly (b.1846-Clarendon,Pontiac,Quebec,Canada;d.3 Dec 1923-Tawas,Iosco,Michigan,United States)
          sp: Reuben Wade (b.15 Aug 1848-Macomb,Michigan,US;m.28 Nov 1869;d.11 Dec 1932-Tawas,Iosco,Michigan,US)
       3. Sarah Melinda Kelly (b.Abt 1848-Clarendon,Pontiac,Quebec,Canada;d.Aft 1930-Michigan,United States)
           sp: John A. Weckerly (b.Abt 1849-of Limestone,Clarion,P,US;m.14 Oct 1877;d.Aft 1920-Michigan,United States)
       3. Elizabeth Kelly (b.1 Nov 1852-Clarendon,Pontiac,Quebec,Canada;d.7 Nov 1928-Pocatello,Bannock,Idaho,United States)
          sp: Edward C. Crandall (b.Abt 1848-Steuben,New York,US;m.17 Jun 1871;d.Bef 1900-Tawas,Iosco,Michigan,US)

  2. Henry Cornelius Ebert (b.6 Oct 1830-Bristol,Pontiac,Quebec,Canada;d.Bef 1852-Quebec,Canada)

Chronological Record

Archives du Pontiac Archives says that 'Judd family papers' give birth 1780

headstone says  1780-1873

Martin Ebert found in Philemon Wright's first account book in 1806, so he was
in Canada by 1806
 (check other names from the account book, maybe there are other people who came with Martin Ebert-may be the only way to 'prove' where Martin Ebert came from)
The Family History and Account Books of Philemon Wright by Diane Proc
Philemon Wright from Woburn Massachusetts made several trips to Hull Township and then settled in the area that became known as Wright's Town and later Hull. Several of Wright's employees and their families accompanied him. Wright recorded his business transactions in a series of account books. The names found in Wright's first account book (1801 to 1809) are listed chronologically, with transaction dates and page numbers. About 150 entries are listed. The list is an informal directory of early Hull settlers. The account books provide information about the sort of items the settlers needed, for example, cloth, thread, writing paper by the sheet, salt, sugar, and kitchen utensils. Tobacco and spirits were popular purchases. Other entries are for work completed, such as threshing or fanning hemp seed and mill work.

age 24 in 1808 Militia List for Hull, Quebec

1808 probable marriage to Roxy Waller, daughter of  Truman Waller and Martha Hitchcock

Militia Lists for Hull, (Templeton),Eardley, & Onslow c1808
Source:  Wright Papers, PAC, MG24 D8. Vol. 129 pp.67872-3
Martin Ebert 24  (his age in 1808):
This is an indication that Martin was born abt 1783 to 1784 (and not 1779/1780 as is
reported in the census of 1852 and 1861)

Lived at Lot 15, Concession 2 in Hull, Quebec in 1809

Birth of son John Ebert 10 March 1809 at Hull, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

June 8, 1809
"Abstract of Lower Canada land Records"  pp. 39987-39994
Petition of Martin Ebert for land.  Petition includes reference to his Oath of Allegiance  (from BA)

Birth of daughter Nancy Ebert about 1811  probably Hull, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
Birth of daughter Elizabeth Catherine Ebert about 1815 possibly Utica, Oneida, New York, United States

NOT in the 1813 Militia List for Hull (his daughter Elizabeth Catherine Ebert supposedly born in
Utica, Oneida, New York about 1813-1815)

could this be my Martin Ebert?  he supposedly left Canada during the War of 1812!
War of 1812 Service Records about Martin Ebert
Name:     Martin Ebert
Rank - Induction:     PRIVATE
Rank - Discharge: PRIVATE
Roll Box:     64
Roll Exct:     602
Source Information:
Direct Data Capture, comp.. War of 1812 Service Records [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 1999.
Original data: National Archives and Records Administration. Index to the Compiled Military Service Records for the Volunteer Soldiers Who Served During the War of 1812. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration. M602, 234 rolls.
This database is a listing of men mustered into the American armed forces between 1812 and 1815 for the War of 1812. Taken from records in the National Archives, each record includes the soldier's name, company, rank at time of induction, rank at time of discharge, and other helpful information. It provides the names of nearly 600,000 men

Birth of daughter Esther Ebert about 1820 of Hull, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

Birth of daughter Melinda Ebert about 1824 of Hull, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

Birth of daughter Abigal Louise Ebert about 1827 of Hull, Gatineau, Quebec or possibly Pontiac County, Quebec, Canada

Birth of daughter Roxann(e) or Roxy Ann Ebert 9 June 1829 at Pontiac, Quebec, Canada

Birth of son Henry Cornelius Ebert 6 October 1830 at Bristol, Pontiac, Quebec, Canada, christened 7 February 1834 at Clarendon, Pontiac, Quebec, Canada  died before 1852 of Pontiac, Quebec, Canada

25 July 1831
Martin Ebert and Peter Maitland legal document in support of Francis Armstrong Property. copy of original (from BA)

3 Octobert 1831
Extract of Report Upon Claim-Lots 1,2, and 4 in the Township of Clarendon, pp. 9 and 10
RE: "the conflicting claims of James Prendergast, J & A Telfer, M. Ebert and F. Armstrong relating to certain lots of land in the Township of Clarendon".
In response to this action James Prendergast remarks in his petition that Martin "Ebert was not a British subject having left this country at the commencement of the late War with the United States and only returned to this country after the termination of that War."
"the committee is of the opinion that the claim...of Mr. Ebert to the east 1/2 of No. 1 in the Second Range are sufficiently made out."
copy of the original
Pontiac Archives
(from BA)
"Journal de Bristol"
Narrative includes a reference to "The Eberts" and their housing of surveyors.copy of original  (BA)
Canadian Genealogy Index, 1600s-1900s    p. 1379
Land record of Martin Eberts (sic)   (BA)
"Clarendon and Shawville"
J. Lloyd Armstrong1980
pp. 21, 33, 40, 46, 49, 101, 274.
All these are references to Martin Ebert in the early years of the settlement of Clarendon. (BA)
1 August 1833
"Abstract of Lower Canada Land Records"  p. 2572
"Township of Clarendon (erected the 17th Jan., 1833)  Crown Land Free Grants and Sales"    p. 274
"List of Lands Granted by the Crown in the Province of Quebec from 1763 to 31st December 1890"
Printed by the order of the legislature
Date of issue of land patents to Martin Ebert.
Township of Clarendon, Range 2.
Martin Ebert
SE 1/2 of Lot. 1, range 2, 100 acres.  (BA)

witness on 1st February 1841 at McNab, Renfrew to marriage of Charles Orr of McNab
and Elizabeth Hudson of Bristol.  Francis Armstrong was the other witness
(on the same page as marriage of Francis Brazier and Dianna Moore)

11 September 1848
copy of a letter from Martin Ebert to Ruggles Wright  (BA)

automated genealogy (a website with Canadian census)
Home / 1852 / Canada East / Ottawa (county) / 266 Hull township / p. 3d, 4a, (7)  Split view
Line     Name     Occupation     Place of Birth     Religion     Residence if out of limits     Age     Sex
1     Ebert, Mart     Farmer     United States     Presbyterian       72     M
2     Ebert, Roxy           United States     Presbyterian       62     F
3     Kelly, Be? E. Grandson     Canada East     Presbyterian       8     M

this is our Martin Ebert
Canada Census, 1851 for Martin Ebert
Name:     Martin Ebert
Gender:     Male
Age:     72
Estimated Birth Year:     1779
Birthplace:     United States
Province:     Canada East (Quebec)
District:     Ottawa County
District Number:     20
Sub-District:     Hull
Sub-District Number:     266
Page Number:     7
Line Number:     1
Library and Archives Canada Film Number:     C_1131

1851 Canada East Census
Agricultural Census, District of Ottawa, sub district of Hull
Martin Ebert
no. 266, p. 59, line 15, roll C 1131.
another ref. to p. 7, line 1, same document indicates Martin's est. birth date as 1780 and b. in US, p. 7, line 2 refers to Roxy Ebert, est. birth date of 1790, also b. in US
Library and Archives of Canada
Copy of Original  (BA)

this is our Martin Ebert
1861 Census of Canada about Martin Ebert
Name:     Martin Ebert
Gender:     Male
Age:     81
Birth Year:     1780
Birthplace:     W.S
[U. S.]
Marital Status:     Married
Home in 1861:     Pontiac, Canada East
Religion:     W.m
Household Members:    
Name     Age
Martin Ebert     Farmer    U.S.  Wesleyan Methodist 81   m(arried)
Rockes Ebert (Roxy) wife  U.S.  Wesleyan Methodist  71    m(arried)

as of September 12, 2011 not found in 1871 Canada census

1871 Census Bangor Twp, Ont.
Reference by the Bangor Twp. Archives to the household of Thomas Kelley and Abigail Ebert Kelley.  There is no reference to Martin or Roxy Ebert as members of the household.   (BA)

Aug. 20, 2000
copy of letter to Bob Sturgeon from Bangor Twp. (Ontario) Archives.
Martin d. in Bangor Twp. in 1873 at the home of Thomas and Abigail Louisa Ebert Kelley.
He is b. in an unmarked grave, Sec. A, Plot 65. at Bangor Union Cem. in Purdy, Ont.
Letter cited information offered by June Burman.
Attached to letter is a map of the Cem. and of Bangor Twp. indicating the Kelley land.  (from BA)

the following is Notary records from Hull 1845 (probably too late for Ebert)   yes, they are in Clarendon, Pontiac, Quebec by 1829
Archives des notaires du Québec
District judiciaire de Hull
François-Samuel Mackay
"The White Chief of the Ottawa"
this book is a fictionalized account of the author's family , it mentions real people, including Martin Ebert.  (Not sure how accurate the story is about Martin Ebert --opinion of Carol H)